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  • Genealogy

    Collaborative relationships that result in accurate and reliable family histories for future generations. What is included in a “Genealogy Research Project?” Client conference call to define feasibility, scope and project costs Review of information provided to formulate a research work plan Retrieval, photographs and copies of records from Franklin County repositories Written … Read More

  • House Histories

    What is included in a House History? As a house historian, I research the history of a house, paying particular attention to the social history of the families who have lived there over time. This research is done at the home itself, historical societies, county courthouses and local libraries. It can include a search of deeds back to original owners, photographs, and even newspaper articles and … Read More

    House Histories
  • About Us

    Pam Anderson, Certified Genealogist®, brings a wide range of talents and experiences to her business. After working as Director of Speech Pathology at Chambersburg Hospital, Pam changed direction and entered into the world of construction in 1991. Because of numerous genealogy and family history research requests from people outside Pennsylvania, she began another phase to fulfill a need in … Read More

    About Us

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